TCEA’s 3D Design Contest

Through the 3D Design Contest from TCEA, you will promote STEM thinking as your students develop and design an invention to solve a TCEA supplied real-world problem. From 3D printed prosthetics for amputees to emergency shelters that can be produced in 30 minutes flat, 3D printer technology has engineered some incredibly innovative fixes for the good of mankind.

This competition lets students become the creators. A prompt for an engineering design challenge is provided each year. Students will use the Engineering Design Process (see below) and 3D modeling software to create a solution. They will approach their like engineers and rely on critical thinking skills to create inventions that have a meaningful impact on the world.

Student teams will need to provide the following deliverables to submit a complete contest entry:

  • The team’s final design  in a .STL format.
  • A digital logbook outlining the team’s step-by-step notes, sketches, and documentation from throughout the design process. The logbook should define the problem that is being solved and describe in detail each step of the Engineering Design Process taken during the creation of the invention.
  • A presentation — not to exceed one minute in length—that markets the invention. The presentation can be in the form of a video or through any presentation tool, including: PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Prezi. Presentations longer than the one-minute limit will not be viewed or considered for judging.
  • Participants must sign and submit the “Proof of Originality” form stating that they are the sole creators of their design.
  • Participants must sign and submit the “Non-Disclosure” regarding posting the designs online and other social media outlets.
  • All files must be in a specific naming convention such as "design.stl", "presentation.pptx", "logbook.docx", etc.